Writing business notes

Business Law

What to expect, depending on your situation, if you become Tim Stoen’s client in a business law case

Counsel and Advice

If you simply need a counselor on a contract issue, or on a business association issue, or on a regulation of business issue, or on a property rights issue, he will provide competent advice tailored to your overall objective, including doing whatever statutory or administrative law research is required, and will also act as your “transactions” attorney in drafting a contract, demand letter, or legal memorandum.

Actions for Damages

If you have been wronged by an individual (i.e. a “tort”), or been wronged by a mistargeted government regulation, or suffered a breach of contract, he will strategize the most effective defense short of litigation, and he will, if litigation is necessary, mount an aggressive trial defense and counterattack in either state or federal court

Agency Intervention

If you have been the victim in a consumer transaction, such as a deceptive trade practice or fraudulent sales practice, he will contact the appropriate state or federal agency (e.g., the Federal Trade Commission, or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or the Consumer Product Safety Commission) on your behalf to seek out an equitable remedy

Corporate Over-Reaching

If you have encountered over-reaching corporate efforts affecting you as an individual, or as a member of the community with “standing,” he will go after such corporate aggressor by suing in state or federal court, seeking appropriate damages and equitable relief.